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Application Performance Management

We identify the problems of Application Performance in a fast and automated way.

Application Performance Management (APM)

Quenta Solutions provides Added Value Services based in Application Performance Management (APM) solutions, which allows real time tracking of every business transaction according to the User Experience (real or synthetic), regardless of the underlying technologies and infrastructures.

We can find your performance issues in a very easy way, both in the infrastructure and service layers. Using troubleshooting techniques, we can solve them in a very short period of time, thanks to the Drill Down and Drill Up capabilities provided by the APM solutions.

Quenta Solutions offers these services with the APM market leaders (according to Gartner and Forrester), which allows to monitorize, automate and analyze each one of the business transactions.


Quenta Solutions APM solutions offer a complete visibility at all levels, allowing to:

  • Know the response time of 100% of business transactions.
  • Diagnose, in a matter of minutes, all the existent performance problems in development and production applications.
  • Traceability, point to point, of user-transaction-infrastructure movements beyond all the layers and technologies.
  • Monitorize final user interaction with the applications (real time metrics).
  • Monitorize the underlying infrastructure behind the applications and services.
  • Monitorize the application execution, reaching even the source code level in each transaction.

The monitorization services Quenta Solutions provides include:

  • Web applications based in one or multiple well-known architectures and frameworks: .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, etc.
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android, discovering critical data retrieved from customers and users: crashes, network and device performance metrics, usage patterns, etc.
  • Databases and Infrastructure to get a detailed view from the Back-End side so that a complete performance optimization can be achieved.
  • User experience to identify user interactions with the applications.


Quenta Solutions solves performance problems in a fast and automated way before they have a serious impact on the business, by setting performance-based alerts, doing integration with cloud-based environments, automating manual and repetitive tasks, etc.


Quenta Solutions covers Operational Analysis, which allows to compare the impact provoked by version changes along the time or the infrastructure scalability and resources consumption. On the other hand, the Application Analysis correlates application metrics with the business, detecting trends and patterns during the service execution period to take the best decisions according to the information retrieved.

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