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Software Asset Management

Know in detail the number of licenses acquired and installed, as well as the actual use that is being made of them.

Software Asset Management SAM
Software Asset Management SAM
Software Asset Management SAM
Software Asset Management SAM

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Quenta Solutions provides Software Asset Management (SAM) services based on business processes and procedures which help in managing and optimizing your company’s software assets effectively, for every phase of their life cycle.

Software Asset Management services offered by Quenta Solutions identify all software assets in your company, in an active and time-continuous way, providing dynamic reporting, and facilitating cost reductions and software license investments, guaranteeing compliance.

Quenta Solutions through its Software Asset Management services, offers the companies:

  • The best Compliance status of all software licenses continuously in time.
  • Reduce the risk in Software audits for every vendor in the market.
  • Reduce costs and optimize costs in software licenses.
  • Optimize Licensing models for each vendor.
  • Improve business efficiency.
  • Reinforce security policies.
  • Manage the Life Cycle.
  • IT Legal and Juridical Services available.

IT legal and juridical consulting services

Quenta Solutions provides IT Legal and Juridical consulting services to support companies along the sofware audits performed by vendors, from the starting notification or in later phases.

IT Legal and Juridical consulting services offered by Quenta Solutions include

  • In deep knowledge about licensing conditions of each vendor.
  • Business Juridical and technical status reinforcement.
  • Technical and Legal mechanisms triggering.
  • Coordination with the companies’ technical and juridical teams.
  • Align established rights and obligations with the vendors expectations.
  • Communications preparations to send them to the auditing vendor.
  • Compliance checking related to the vendor’s obligations and auditing conditions.
  • Business negotiations advicing.

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