The application of artificial intelligence systems in the healthcare sector has great potential.

Pero primero es importante recordar que es la Inteligencia Artificial (IA): según la RAE, es una disciplina científica que se ocupa de crear programas informáticos que ejecutan operaciones comparables a las que realiza la mente humana, como el aprendizaje o el razonamiento lógico.

Artificial intelligence is present and integrated in our daily lives, from hoover robots to the personalised advertising that appears in our browsers or on our social networks. Its potential in a multitude of areas is almost infinite, but one field where its possible uses generate enormous interest is:

In the area of health.

The use of artificial intelligence as an auxiliary tool for clinical decision-making is already a reality.

Artificial Intelligence is proving useful both in diagnosis and in selecting the most appropriate treatment for the patient.

This translates into quality patient care.

The Health Sector is reinforcing the use of artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. In our country, there are already communities that are committed to its use.

Other uses of AI in the health sector are:

  • Collecting blood test data to predict the risk of thrombosis in haemodialysis patients.
  • Using motion sensors to prevent the progression of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Collection of historical data to optimise human and material resources in hospitals.
  • Collecting data from a variety of diagnostic tests to detect certain diseases early…

This is because:

"The range of problems that AI can solve is extremely wide".

Having more information available from AI in consultations allows healthcare professionals to make better-informed, faster and more objective decisions.

Therefore, it is estimated that:

 In five years, investment in AI in hospitals (currently $6 billion) will increase tenfold.

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