An APM (Application Performance Management) is software that allows us to monitor applications, show the user experience, trace and diagnose problems at the application level, providing an in-depth view of application performance, from automatically generated dashboards to monitor key metrics, such as number of requests and latency, to detailed tracking of individual requests.

In the monitoring sector, there are a number of key metrics that IT managers need to keep track of. Let’s look at some of them:

What problems can we quickly identify with an APM?

1. Slow DB queries or external transactions
2. Check if the Java application has Garbage Collection problems or is running out of memory.
3. Identify individual transactions
4. Monitor basic metrics such as CPU, memory, network, etc.
5. Identify application errors
6. Identify through KPIs the possible regressions that an application has had in terms of performance.

Other important points that you measure when monitoring applications

Code level performance

Knowing which request or transaction is not working well is just the beginning. Finding out why it is performing as it is is also vital. By profiling your application at the code level, an APM tool can help you gain useful insights into the code that is causing your application to malfunction.

Monitoring server resource usage

Monitoring your server’s CPU and memory usage is essential, especially if you want to automatically scale your application based on traffic.

As we have mentioned, enterprise applications are increasingly enabling companies to stay ahead of the market, get closer to their customers and complement their marketing strategies. For this reason it is of great importance that they work correctly all the time or that the failures that occur are minimal and do not affect the correct performance of the activities that are executed in them.

Using an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool is an efficient solution.

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