When we hear the term “Graphs” we usually remember our math classes when they told us about “Graph Theory”, others will remember when in 2007, at the annual conference of Facebook developers, Mark Zuckerberg used the concept of “social graph”. By it he meant a representation, in graph format, of a person’s relationships on the Internet. So far so good, but you may be wondering: What does it have to do with graph data technology?

What does it have to do with my company? What advantages will it bring me?

We answer both questions. With the advances in Big Data and Machine Learning in recent years, data analysis and modeling is becoming increasingly important and at Quenta Solutions we are accelerating the transformation of data with Graphs.

Graphs are enabling our clients in sectors as varied as banking, insurance, marketing, among others. Obtain and analyze information in a clearer way and implement improvements in their business management quickly and efficiently. Graph Technology not only helps in the automation of data, it goes beyond that, it is about connecting the data of the entire company.

Graph technology reinforces a semantic data system

The graphs study the relationships of different points (called nodes) and the lines act indicating the connections between them, in this way you can clearly observe the relationship between them.

Application of graph technology in industry

In the banking sector, the graph is allowing them to find out which patterns are the most repeated. This method is widely used for fraud detection. On the other hand, in marketing and market research, however, we help them with graphs to reveal hidden features and trends in the data. To mention just two success stories.

At Quenta Solutions we develop graphs with Machine Learning technology which provides our clients with a complete behavioral map, bringing simplicity to research processes, as well as endless possibilities in data analysis and solutions at the enterprise level.

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