Technological Innovation
& Digital Evolution

"At Quenta Solutions we have more than 30 years of Experience in Strategic Business Consulting and IT Services, which allows us to have a complete vision of the market to tackle Digital Transformation, Innovation and Technological Development projects".
Javier Rodriguez
Managing Director
Observability / APM

Our services

Quenta Solutions main objective is to provide Value Added Services based on solutions that allow companies to Innovate, Evolve and Optimise their business models through Technology

Observability / APM


Quenta Solutions provides value-added services based on Application Monitoring solutions (Observability / APM) that allow companies to track in real time, all business transactions based on the user experience (real or synthetic), regardless of the technology and infrastructure used.



Quenta Solutions helps companies in the technological transformation of their applications, taking advantage of the new possibilities and benefits offered by the Cloud, basing development on the use of microservices, containers (Docker) and orchestrators (Kubernetes).

Software Development


We develop tailor-made Software Solutions according to the needs of each client, covering from the initial advisory and consultancy phase to the design, development, testing, quality control, start-up and support phase.

SAM Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Through our Software Asset Management (SAM) services, identifies all of a company’s software assets, actively and continuously over time, providing dynamic reporting, thus reducing costs and investments in software licences and guaranteeing compliance with usage.



Quenta Solutions guarantees the security of its clients’ information systems by providing specialised services in the field of cybersecurity based on technical audits, pentesting and forensic analysis; as well as services based on hardware and software solutions from leading Cybersecurity manufacturers. 



We implement Content Management solutions adapted to the measures and needs of each client, allowing companies to save time and money by efficiently managing all their documents, sharing them easily between multiple departments, teams, controlling versions and avoiding duplication of information.

Content Management


We collaborate with our clients by establishing sufficient and appropriate policies and procedures, ensuring that companies carry out their activities and business in accordance with current regulations and internal policies and procedures, promoting a culture of Compliance.

Quenta Solutions?

Quenta Solutions

The success of our projects is based on the following pillars:

  • Quenta Solutions Knowledge and experience in the field
  • Quenta Solutions Knowledge of the market
  • Quenta Solutions Knowledge of the problems
  • Quenta Solutions Knowledge of alternatives
  • Quenta Solutions Commitment and closeness to the client
  • Quenta Solutions Application of the best technologies