Machine Learning for the companies is one of the pillars on which digital transformation rests. Due to new computing technologies, it is very different today than it was in the past.

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Most industries that deal with large amounts of data have recognised the value of technology Machine Learning for companies. Here are a few examples:

1.- Analysing the user’s purchase and reproduction history and comparing it with what other users with similar tendencies or spending have done

2.- On Twitter, they use Machine Learning algorithms to greatly reduce spam posted on this social network

3.- Facebook uses it to detect fake news and unauthorised content in live broadcasts, which it automatically blocks

4.- Natural Language Processing (NLP)

5.- In search engines it is used to optimise their results according to their effectiveness, measuring it through the user’s clicks

6.- The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) uses it to detect breast cancer earlier, as well as pneumonia and retinal diseases that can cause blindness

7.- In antivirus and malware detection engines it is used to enhance scanning, speed up detection and improve the ability to recognise anomalies

Based on the above, we can say that machine learning has been developed based on the possibility of using computers to probe the structure of data, quickly and automatically. “Analysing larger and more complex data and producing more accurate results”.

As a result, organizations have a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities and avoiding risks

This translates into a breakthrough in how computers can help us, making all tasks possible

Machine Learning represents a fundamental leap in human progress

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