Managed services in the cloud allow companies to access their data in a flexible, secure way and, above all, with a service tailored to the requirements of each organization.

There are four types of cloud:

  • Public
  • Private
  • Hybrid
  • Multicloud

Depending on whether the services are provided through shared servers with several users, such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services, or whether access is limited to a specific group of users; while hybrid clouds are the result of connecting a private cloud with a public cloud, and if it is a matter of using the services of several cloud providers, it is a multicloud.

What are the benefits of Managed Cloud Services?

The main benefits that your company will get are:

  • Increased availability
  • More agile decision making
  • Greater resilience of the organization’s data
  • Data protection

But what is the advantage of working in the cloud?

The main advantage is that, since everything is stored in the cloud, access to it all is through the Internet from anywhere on the planet, and from any device, which facilitates, among many other things, teleworking and hybrid work (face-to-face and remote) and avoids companies to have and maintain their own physical servers, and this reduces costs.

Companies are aware of the cloud's ability to drive digital innovation at scale throughout the organization.

That is why, experts indicate that cloud managed services, as well as developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) oriented services, are some of the aspects that will continue to grow this year.


Companies that have invested in cloud services are tripling their profits compared to those that have not.

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