Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a comprehensive process that aims to identify, assess, prioritise and remediate security vulnerabilities present in an organisation's systems. These...

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MFA (Multiple Factor Authentication), also known as multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication (2FA), is a security method that adds an additional layer...

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Application Monitoring in medium-sized enterprises.

Application monitoring in medium-sized enterprises offers a number of benefits and use cases. Here are some examples: Benefits of application monitoring for...

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Cybersecurity in Spain

Cybersecurity is an issue of great importance in Spain today, as more and more citizens, companies and institutions rely on computer systems...

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Software licensing, best practices.

Before delving into software obsolescence it is important to know: What is software licensing? And what is its importance? Software licensing refers...

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Cloud Application Monitoring

Cloud application monitoring is a critical process for ensuring the availability and performance of cloud applications. As applications become more complex and...

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