APM, improving application performance

An APM (Application Performance Management) is software that allows us to monitor applications, show the user experience, trace and diagnose problems at...

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Migrating from On-premise to Cloud

By migrating from on-premise to the cloud, companies can enjoy many intangible benefits in addition to optimising costs. Cost reduction is just...

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Blockchain and traceability

Blockchain and traceability are intended to provide consumers with access to information on the origin and distribution of a product, allowing them...

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Why do you need to monitor your Apps?

Before we go into detail on the importance of monitor your Apps, let's refresh the meaning of this term: application monitoring, also...

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Cybersecurity Trends and Tips

2020 was a complicated year in every sense of the word, and cybersecurity and information security were not far behind, with cybercrime...

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The importance of the Cloud service in the retail sector

Para el sector retail, el cloud es una pieza clave en el camino hacia la transformación digital, debido a las nuevas oportunidades...

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