UX UI as it influences your business

"For companies in all sectors, user experience is essential", satisfying the needs of their customers. Satisfied customers will build brand value and...

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User Experience Monitoring in digital banking

More and more customers are interacting with their bank through a website or app. The end-user is very changeable, one day using...

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Apps Development

Mobile phones have become an important element in our daily lives as they simplify many of the processes of everyday life and...

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Data technology with graphs

When we hear the term Graph we usually remember that mathematics class when they told us about "Graph Theory", to others it...

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Traceability of your processes, with blockchain

A company in the coffee sector implemented blockchain technology to obtain full traceability of its processes, allowing it to obtain information from...

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Improve your business security

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a shift in business security, forcing companies of all sizes to invest in or accelerate the transition...

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