Software Development


We develop Software Development solutions using the latest technological trends, which enable the integration, maintenance and scalability of IT resources. Additionally, we use agile methodologies based on DevOps. In this way, we can offer you a more dynamic service that is better adapted to the new times and the most competitive markets.

With our Software Development solution we carry out developments tailored to the needs of each client. We cover every phase of the project, from advice and consultancy to design, development, testing, quality control, start-up and maintenance.

We help companies with the digital transformation of their business based on the latest technological trends focused on the development of Cloud applications


Quenta Solutions’ Software Development service aims to:

desarrollos software

Development of Software Solutions

We develop customised software solutions using the latest information technologies that make it possible to integrate, maintain and scale IT resources, using agile methodologies based on DevOps.

experiencia de usuario

UX / UI Design

Understanding the client’s needs, knowing the user experience (UX), we develop apps with attractive and useful user interfaces (UI) to achieve a product 100% designed for each type of client.

machine learning

Machine Learning

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, based on the analysis of variables and the use of algorithms, we obtain predictive models, key to decision-making for any type of company.


Cloud Oriented Architecture

Using the latest development technologies, we help companies make the technological transition of their applications to the Cloud, based on microservices, containers and orchestrators (Kubernetes).

Software Development

IoT Development and Architecture

We develop technologies and communication protocols for systems to interact with real-life elements to increase independence, automation and data generation.

Software Development

Blockchain Technology

Business process certification, information and product traceability, secure micro-payment processes, transnational process control, NFT, etc., can be provided using Blockchain.


Software Development


Software Development


Software Development


Tecnologias Software Development


Software Development


Software Development

AWS Amplify

Software Development


Software Development


Software Development


Software Development

Lambda AWS

Software Development

Oracle BD

Software Development

Dinamo BD

Software Development

API Getaway

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Software Development

Google Cloud


Microsoft Azure

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