A company in the coffee sector implemented blockchain technology to obtain full traceability of its processes, allowing it to obtain information from the entire supply chain from the origin of the planting, to details of the crop information, but you may wonder what benefits will I get from implementing it? Read on to find out…

Blockchain technology is making giant strides in recent years towards Technological Transformation, providing customers or consumers with reliable information about their products, as well as tracking and tracing the origins of products. Blockchain is one of the most accurate methods of ensuring the “track and trace” of any “digital asset”. This makes it significantly free from human influence, functioning based on predefined rules. Interested?

In Spain, Quenta Solutions makes this technology available to your company. Why blockchain?

The blockchain is bringing about a revolution, eliminating intermediaries, reducing costs and increasing speed and scope. Currently, in many sectors, databases must be repeatedly queried to obtain appropriate information, slowing down processes. However, with the implementation of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, the process is more dynamic, leading to increased efficiency in data management.

Blockchain technology is providing great solutions in many business sectors.

Another of its benefits is its integration with artificial intelligence, making it more coherent and easier to understand, improving the decision-making processes of machine learning algorithms, offering greater transparency and traceability for all stakeholders and for many processes, thus generating “new value” in terms of data security.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence would increase the efficiency of blockchain processes beyond what any conventional human or computer would be capable of. It is enough to take a look at how blockchains are currently managed with today’s computers to understand the processing power needed to execute even the most basic tasks.

The blockchain is here to create more efficient business models, and many prestigious brands are already implementing it to ensure the traceability, sustainability and authenticity of their products and services. Discover the value that this solution will have for your company with Quenta Solutions. We offer you a technological consultancy service and advice tailored to your needs. Contact us!